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NCAD Gallery Research Residency 2021 ~ berte & harmey *

Artists berte & harmey were resident in the NCAD Gallery space in June & July 2021 for the research & development of the Dublin version of their Nul Punt Wolk mapping project. During their time at the gallery they gathered material around locations they found crucial to highlight as part of their Bare Maps project. The Bare Maps are generated by using GIS data and are a physical visualisation of an urban space stripped bare, devoid of buildings and vegetation but leaving tracks and traces of human/non-human activity.

The gallery space was used as a process-based workspace and field research platform. Chosen locations in and around Dublin 7, 8 and further afield thematically interconnected around historic and contemporary understandings of containment, nature, systems, care, control, mental and physical health (sanitas), (in-)visibility. berte & harmey populated floor-based-grids with the research material and work on a Glossa of words which were projected on the Gallery window.

■ ARTIST TALK :: berte & harmey ~ NUL PUNT WOLK :: OCTOBER 27 2021, 5.30pm (UTC +1). As part of the NCAD Faculty Lectures Contemporary Art - Perspectives and Positions, berte & harmey shared their experience of working collaboratively as an international artist duo and discussed their Nul Punt Wolk project from initial steps to realisation. An online event link was available one week prior to this event.


Nul Punt Wolk was initiated at and supported by Timelab (BE). The Bare Map support structure was made in collaboration with OS_Studio (BE) with tiles riso printed in collaboration with Topo Copy (BE)Nul Punt Wolk / BMd is made with the support of Arts Council Ireland. The Bare Map (BMd) is being produced with a non-profit license provided by ArcGIS using LiDAR Data from OSI (Ordnance Survey Ireland).

berte & harmey was formed by artists Filip Berte (BE) and Cliona Harmey (IE), to share research and resources whilst exploring ideas around spatial politics, critical geography, historical legacies and socio-technical systems of exclusion and inclusion. nulpuntwolk.nu

The NCAD Gallery Research Residency 2021 selection of berte & harmey is an extended element to the NCAD Gallery Staff Open Call of 2020 (National College of Art and Design). Previous Gallery residents include artist Sonia Shiel, 2017.

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